Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Triple Dip Funnel® Course!

    2. BONUS #1: Example Opt-In Nurture Sequence

    3. BONUS #2: Example Purchase Nurture Sequence

    4. BONUS #3: 14-Day Free Trial of Leadpages

    5. BONUS #4: 30-Day Free Trial of SendOwl

    6. BONUS #5: 1 Free Month of ConvertKit

    7. BONUS #6: 30 Days Free of Canva Pro

    8. BONUS #7: Buy Your ThriveCart Lifetime License

    1. What is a Sales Funnel?

    2. The Strategy Behind the Triple Dip Funnel®

    3. Is this ONLY for a Cold Audience?

    4. Determine Your Funnel Software Stack

    5. The Spreadsheet YOU MUST USE to Track Funnel Creation and Performance

    1. Anatomy of the Perfect Triple Dip Funnel® Sales Page

    2. Anatomy of an Irresistible Tripwire Page

    3. Closing with the Checkout Page

    1. Why Leadpages?

    2. Go On a Tour of Leadpages

    3. Start from Scratch, Duplicate, or Use a Template?

    4. How to Buy My Triple Dip Funnel® Templates

    5. How to Use the Leadpages Drag and Drop Builder

    6. How to Build the Triple Dip Funnel® Sales Page

    7. Linking SendOwl Checkout to Leadpages

    8. How to Create a Leadbox to Capture Opt-ins

    9. Leadpage Settings You Can't Forget

    10. Preview Mode and Testing Mobile Responsiveness

    11. How to Publish a Leadpage

    12. How to Mask Your Leadpage to Your Domain in WordPress

    13. How to Create a Tripwire Page Super Fast

    14. Redirect Tripwire Countdown Link

    1. Why Elementor?

    2. How to Import an Elementor Template

    3. Navigating the Elementor Page Builder

    4. How to Customize the Triple Dip Funnel® Template

    5. How to Use the HurryTimer Plugin in Elementor

    6. How to Create a Pop-Up with Elementor Pro

    7. How to Create a Tripwire Page Super Fast in Elementor

    8. How to Connect Your Opt-In Form to Your Tripwire Page

    9. Testing and Editing Mobile Views in Elementor

    10. How to Publish a Page in Elementor

    1. Why SendOwl?

    2. SendOwl vs ThriveCart

    3. Using Shopify or WooCommerce for Funnels

    4. Go On a Tour of SendOwl

    5. Setup Your SendOwl Account Settings

    6. How to Create a Product in SendOwl

    7. How to Create an Order Bump in SendOwl

    8. How to Create a Coupon Code in SendOwl

    9. The SendOwl Download Page

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