Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Pinterest Advertising 101

    2. Join Us In Ads That Scale™

    3. Join My Community for Digital Product Creators

    4. A Glossary of Advertising Acronyms & Terms

    1. Pinterest Ad Guidelines

    2. How to Set Up Your Pinterest Ad Account

    3. How to Install Your Pinterest Tag the Right Way

    4. Is Your Pinterest Tag Installed Correctly?

    5. How Do I Know if My Pinterest Tag is Verified?

    6. Deep Dive on Pinterest Event Codes

    7. How Do I Know if My Pinterest Event Codes are Working?

    8. What if I'm Getting a Pinterest Event Code Warning?

    9. WordPress Specific Instructions

    10. Shopify Specific Instructions

    1. How to Set Up Custom Audiences on Pinterest

    2. Custom Audience FAQs

    1. Promoted Pin Keywords and Images

    2. How to Choose Which Pins to Promote

    1. How to Structure a Promoted Pin Campaign

    2. Start with a Consideration Campaign

    3. How to Set Up Your First Pinterest Ad Campaign

    1. How Do I Know if My Pinterest Ad Performed Well?

    2. Simple Pinterest Campaign Problem-Solving Tips

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