Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Pin Practical Promotions!

    • Pinterest is a Publicly Traded Company

    • Pin Practical Promotions Workbook [UPDATED AUG 2020]

    • Pin Practical Primer Version 8 [UPDATED AUG 2020]

    • Join me in the Pin Practical Promotions Amplifier!

  • 2

    Pin Practical Promotions Course Special Bonuses

    • Bonus #1: 2 Free Months of Tailwind Plus Membership

    • Bonus #2: 1 Free Month of ConvertKit

    • Bonus #3: Pin Practical Ads Funnel Tracking Spreadsheet [UPDATED]

    • Bonus #4: Done For You Promoted Pin Keyword Research by Niche

    • Bonus #5: Pinterest Ads Funnel Cheat Sheets

    • Bonus #6: Pin Design Guide - Do This, Not That

    • Bonus #7: 10 Done-For-You Pinterest Canva Templates

    • Bonus #8: 30 Days Free of Canva Pro

    • Bonus #9: Trello & Asana Pin Practical Promotions Boards [UPDATE IN PROGRESS]

  • 3

    Module 1: Prepping Your Account for Promoted Pins

    • Pinterest Ad Guidelines + Terms You Must Know Before Promoting a Pin

    • Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account + Claim Your Website

    • How to Set Up a Pinterest Business Account

    • How to Claim Your Website with Pinterest

    • How to Set Up Rich Pins in WordPress

    • How to Set Up Your Pinterest Ad Account [NEW]

    • How to Install Your Pinterest Tag the Right Way [UPDATED]

    • Is Your Pinterest Tag Installed Correctly?

    • How Do I Know if My Pinterest Tag is Verified?

    • Deep Dive on Pinterest Event Codes [UPDATED]

    • Why You Should Install Your Event Codes Now

    • How Do I Know if My Event Codes are Working? [NEW]

    • What if I'm Getting an Event Code Warning? [NEW]

  • 4

    Additional Platform Specific Instructions

    • How to Use the Shopify Partner App [NEW]

    • Placing Your Pinterest Tag and Event Codes in Squarespace

    • Placing Your Pinterest Tag and Event Codes in LeadPages

    • Placing Your Pinterest Tag and Event Codes in Thinkific

    • Placing Your Pinterest Tag and Event Codes in SendOwl

    • Placing Your Pinterest Tag and Event Codes in ThriveCart [UPDATED]

    • Placing Your Pinterest Tag and Event Codes in ConvertKit

    • Placing Your Pinterest Tag and Event Codes in Kajabi [UPDATED]

    • Placing Your Pinterest Tag and Event Codes in Teachable

    • The Basics: How TpT and Promoted Pins Work Together

    • How to Set Up UTM Codes for TpT

    • Tracking Sales Conversions for TpT

    • Tracking Sales Conversions for Etsy

    • Helpful Tips for Finding Where to Install Your Pinterest Tag and Event Codes on Other Platforms

  • 5

    Module 2: Why Should I Promote a Pin?

    • 8 Reasons to Consider Promoting a Pin

  • 6

    Module 3: Choosing the Perfect Audience

    • What is the Difference Between a Warm and Cold Audience? + When to Use Each

    • How to Set Up a Custom Website Audience

    • How to Set Up a Custom Audience of Existing Email Subscribers

    • How to Set Up an Engagement Audience of People Who Interacted with Your Pins

    • How to Set Up a Custom Actalike Audience

    • Custom Audience FAQs [UPDATED]

  • 7

    BONUS: Your Pinterest Customer Journey

    • At What Point Should You Invest Money in Promoted Pins?

    • How a Pinterest Funnel Works

    • Email Subscriber Funnel

    • Double Dip Funnel™

    • Triple Dip Funnel™

    • Funnel Templates and Funnel Tech Help

  • 8

    Module 4 | Part 1: Setting Up and Optimizing a Promoted Pin Campaign

    • Promoted Pin Keywords and Images [UPDATED]

    • Keyword and Promoted Pin Stat Tracking Spreadsheet

    • Types of Promoted Pins - Which One Should I Choose?

    • How to Structure a Promoted Pin Campaign [UPDATED]

    • A Glossary of Promoted Pin Acronyms & Terms

    • What is One-Tap and Why Does it Matter?

    • Should I Choose a Traffic or Conversion Campaign?

    • Should I Promote a Video Pin? [NEW]

    • Pin Image and Landing Page Cohesiveness [NEW]

    • HELP! I Don't Have 50 Conversions Per Week to My Pinterest Tag!

    • What is an Attribution Window and Why is it Important?

    • What is the Verified Merchant Program and How Does it Impact Product Pins? [NEW]

    • Should I Promote a Pin When I Already Rank High in Search Results?

    • Everything You Need to Know About Conversion Campaigns for 2020 [UPDATED]

  • 9

    Module 4 | Part 2: Step-By-Step Instructions for Setting Up a Promoted Pin Campaign

    • How to Set Up a Promoted Pin Campaign

    • Pinterest Ad Campaign Cheat Sheet [NEW]

    • STEP 1: Set Up Your Promoted Pin Campaign

    • STEP 2: Set Up Your Promoted Pin Ad Groups [UPDATED]

    • STEP 3: Choose Which Pins to Promote

    • STEP 4: Add Additional Ad Groups to Your Campaign

    • Help! My Ads Were Rejected

  • 10

    Module 5: Using Analytics for Better Ad Performance

    • An Overview of the Pinterest Ads Reporting Dashboard

    • How to Set Up Custom Reports for Evaluating Ad Performance [UPDATED]

    • How Do I Know if My Ad Performed Well? [UPDATED]

    • Understanding the Promoted Pin Algorithm

    • Breaking Down Ad Performance Metrics

    • Simple Campaign Problem-Solving Tips [UPDATED]

    • How to Use Pinterest Ad Results to Make Strategic Changes to Your Ads [UPDATED]

    • Turning Off Ads and Making Changes to Budgets and Bids

    • What To Do if Pinterest is NOT Spending My Ad Budget

    • Promoted Pin Images and the Importance of CTR

    • My Conversion Campaign Isn't Profitable, Now What?

    • Funnel Fatigue and What To Do About It

    • How to Measure the Long-Term Value of a Promoted Pin Campaign

    • How to Scale Promoted Pins Over a Long Period of Time

    • Mobile Ad Reporting

    • How to Check Ad Performance in Google Analytics

    • BONUS: Google Analytics UTM Tracking and Goals

    • Promoted Pins or Facebook Ads?

  • 11

    Module 6: Case Studies


    • Case Study: Kara Fidd from Simplifying DIY Design

    • Case Study Transcript with Kara Fidd

    • Case Study (Series): Jennifer Maker from

  • 12


    • How to Repurpose Promoted Pin Data in Your Organic Pinterest Strategy

  • 13

    Where Do We Go From Here?

    • Sign up to be an Affiliate!

    • Pin Practical Promotions Feedback

    • Additional Resources to Help You Succeed

    • Join the Pin Practical Promotions Amplifier