Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Digital Products that Scale™!

    2. What's Covered in Digital Products that Scale?

    1. Validate Your Idea with a Search Engine

    2. Reverse Engineer Your Digital Product Sales Funnel

    3. What If I Already Have a Digital Product?

    4. BONUS VIDEO: How to Reverse Engineer Your Funnel on Pinterest

    1. Understanding the Basics of a Sales Funnel

    2. Building a Cohesive Product Ascension Ladder

    3. Define Your Value Statement

    4. It All Starts With a Click

    1. What Type of Solution Should I Create?

    2. What is an Order Bump and Do I Need One?

    3. What Assets Do I Need to Create?

    4. Clip Art, Stock Photography, Fonts, and Music

    5. TEMPLATES: Done-For-You Canva Templates

    6. Branding and Naming Your Digital Product

    7. BONUS: Power Words and Phrases Cheat Sheet

    8. BONUS: Refining Your Opt-In Workshop

    1. A Quick Intro from Hayley

    2. How to Create Printables

    3. How to Create Spreadsheets

    4. How to Create eBooks

    5. How to Create Courses

    6. Different Types Promotional Images

    7. How to Create Promotional Videos

    8. How to Create a Screen Recording Video

    1. Price Based on the Product Transformation

    2. Organizing Your Assets Together

    3. Delivering Your Digital Product

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