Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Digital Shop Experience!

    2. Welcome Survey

    3. Directory & Roadmaps

    4. How to Access Your Private Podcast Audio Feed

    5. Shop Feature Submission

    6. Become an Affiliate!

    1. Before You Start

    2. Creating a Shopify Store and Basic Shop Settings

    3. Adding Digital Downloads and Customizing Order Confirmations

    4. Creating Products, Collections, and Menus in Shopify

    5. Customizing Your Shop Home Page

    6. Customizing Theme Settings

    7. Customize Your Product Listings

    8. Creating Shop Discounts

    9. Miscellaneous Technical Details

    1. Repurposing and Auditing Your Content for Shop Listings

    2. Mapping Your 6-Figure Shop

    3. Overview: Marketing Inside Your Shop

    4. Leveraging an Affiliate Program with GoAffPro

    5. Store Credit and Gift Cards as Marketing Strategies

    6. MORE IDEAS: Using Store Credit and Gift Cards

    7. Strategies for Launching Your Shop to Your Email List

    8. 3 Ways to Leverage Your Shop in Existing Sales Funnels

    9. Behind the Scenes of Our Summer Jamboree Marketing Campaign

    1. What About Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Shop Catalogs?

    2. Set Up Google Search Console

    3. BONUS - SEO for Digital Products in Shopify

    4. Issuing Store Credit in Shopify

    5. Creating a Gift Card Product

    6. Should You Use Shopify in Your Sales Funnels?

    1. Content Audit Spreadsheet

    2. Your 6-Figure Shop Plan Spreadsheet

    1. QuickTime - Easy Video Editing Hacks on a Mac

    2. Hello Audio - How To Setup a Private Podcast Feed

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