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    1. Email Service Providers: Why ConvertKit?

    2. Easily Transfer Your Existing Subscriber List to ConvertKit

    3. How to Send Emails from Your Domain Email Address

    4. Sequences vs Broadcasts: How to Use Different Types of Emails to Your Advantage

    5. ConvertKit Forms: Everything You Need to Know About Collecting Email Subscribers

    6. Tags vs Segments: Strategically Send Emails to Your Customers

    7. Advance Your Business with Automations: Your New Best Friend!

    8. 13 Unique Emails to Send to Your List

    9. 16 Valuable Freebies You Can Offer Your Subscribers

    10. Create a Beautiful Freebie in Canva

    11. Create a Landing Page to Promote Your Freebie

    1. My Top Resources for Email List Growth

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  • 14 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content